Mission Statement

At WQU & Partners we bring media and marketing expertise to PR campaigns, product launches, and annual meetings and conventions with compelling narratives and strategic news disseminated via the production & distribution of television and radio interviews, multimedia news releases, viral video, podcasts, webisodes, exhibit booth video, webcasts and more.

We also have on tap extraordinarily talented corporate film directors and brand strategists to help our clients realize their vision and reach their full market potential.

Practice Areas

Biotechnology & Healthcare Communications

Consumer Product Marketing

Broadcast & Web Media


• Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)
• American Society of Clinical Oncology
• The Biotechnology Institute
• Medical Alarm Concepts
• Puerto Rico Industrial Development Co.
• Rums of Puerto Rico
• Development Counsellors International
• American Importing & Exporting Inc.
• ContainerTrac, Inc.
• Genetics Policy Institute
• Carepath, Inc.